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We Help Both Online and Local Offline Business Owners
Maximize Their Return-On-Ad-Spend by Targeting the Customers ALREADY Searching for Your Products or Services Via Google, Yahoo and MSN, But Don’t Yet Know
That Your Company or Website Even Exists…

If we could show you how to attract more targeted prospects to your website, laser-focus your ad spend, increase your sales, and grow your bottom line, would you be interested?


The M3WebConsulting Process

Because we regard our clients as business partners rather than accounts, we explain each step of our Website Traffic Management process so that we may gain their input and insight.  Taken in steps, Company Branding and Services Exposure in the Search Engines starts here:

M3WC Management Delivers Efforts to Maximize ROAS
(Return-on-Ad-Spend) By

  • Increasing Targeted Leads/Prospects/Sales
  • Presenting your Business to those Already Seeking your Services
  • Local Directory Submissions (Google Maps, Yahoo Local and MSN Live Search)
  • Reducing Costs with PPC Management and Geographic Targeting
  • Social Media Branding and Video Syndication (with Proven PPC Keywords)

Phase 1 – Local Business Centers: Profile Creation

Steps to Search Engine ExposurePhase I in our Services Outline starts with the FREE Resources available to any business owner, yet few truly comprehend the compulsory RESEARCH needed and STEPS involved in order to best optimize listings for top placement.

Included in this first phase of Local Online Marketing exposure is the building of targeted Google Maps, Yahoo Local and MSN Live Maps Search profiles (among 10 other directories).

Phase 2 – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Steps to Search Engine ExposureCoupled with the above, Phase II in our Management Lifecycle evolves into the creation of targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns to build upon greater visibility for your Business with keyword and market research
(and competitive analysis) and the structuring of targeted Ad Groups.

  • Do You Split-Test & Check Your Ads on a Daily Basis? (If Not, You’re Flushing Your Ad Budget Down the Drain!)
  • Do You Only Use (Broad) Match Keywords? If You’re Not Using “Phrase” and [Exact] Match, You’ve Virtually Given Google a License to Waste Your Money!
  • Are you Incorporating Negative Keywords into your Ad Groups?  Do You Know Which Keywords are Wasting Clicks and have yet to Provide any Conversions?
  • Do You Use ALL Of The Potential Keywords In Your Market, Including Ethically Swiping Keywords Your Competitors Are Using, and Not Just The Ones Obvious to your Market?

Phase 3 – Social Media Video Marketing

Steps to Search Engine ExposureProbably most powerful in M3WebConsulting’s 3-Pronged Marketing Plan, Phase III engages VIDEO and Social Media Marketing to blast your Company’s message out to over 40 video sites, more than 30 social networking sites, multiple Blogs and over 12 podcast directories, with the click of a button, all from the intelligence gained from Phase II above (Managed PPC Services).


Matt MageeMatt Magee
Digital Search Marketing Consultant

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